“How to Fall in Love With God” was originally a 5-day email challenge that was designed to encourage believers to develop a daily quiet time with God. For those who already have a quiet time, it was to help them to see new ways and reasons to spend time alone with God. For all of us, it was to inspire us to make our relationship with God the priority in our lives. Many of the participants in this event were very pleased with the challenge and expressed a desire to see the material shared in a more permanent setting.

I have created a new mini-course, “How to Fall in Love With God” with all of the devotionals, prayers, and downloadable resources that were included in the challenge. You can register and go through the material for free!!!

It has been a dream of mine, as a teacher, to share the foundational Truths in the Word of God with the Body of Christ. Now is the time, so look for more courses to come forth in the future!

You can register for “How to Fall in Love With God” at my new school A Transformed Mind here:



*** Register for the school first, then register for the free class, “How to Fall in Love With God.”

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