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Prayer-A Relationship With God

We all want to have the kind of relationship with God in that we know He hears and answers our prayers, but we need to know that it doesn’t happen by magic. Prayer must be based on a relationship with God. There are so many Christians who have no real prayer life, and it really breaks my heart to think about what they are missing out on. I know it breaks God’s heart too. Everything that He has ever done for us is because He loves us and wants a relationship with us. Prayer is the foundation of that relationship.

Prayer Journaling

One of the things that helped me to hear the Voice of God clearly and consistently was the discipline of two-way journaling. I started using this method a few years ago when I took a course on developing the prophetic in my life. Don’t be mislead by the word prophetic. In its broadest sense, it means the ability to hear from God. We are ALL supposed to be able to hear the voice of God!

In the course, one of the books we used was a book by Mark Virkler–”How to Hear God’s Voice.” This was my introduction to a whole new way of relating to God in prayer. Yes, journaling can and should be considered a form of prayer because it is a written record of your intimate conversations with God. And prayer is just a conversion with God.

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