The devil is a button pusher. He knows everything about you and he knows what button to push in each situation and circumstance of your life. He pushes the button waiting for you to respond in the way you always used to respond in your emotions, in your flesh. But now you are learning that the enemy has no hold on you anymore. You are a new creature, delivered from the power of sin. You have choices now, and the better informed you are, the better your choices will be. You’ve been studying the Word and you know now how the devil works to deceive you with his lies and half truths. Now you know that how you respond must be by your spirit man and not your flesh. How you respond must be  based what the Word says, not your emotions.

When you respond with the Word like Jesus did in the wilderness, your victory is assured!!! The Truth can make you free from the tricks and tactics that the Button Pusher used to use against you. You’ve been studying and growing because of that Scripture that the Lord opened up to you and showed you The Truth!!!

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6

You finally understood that there was a way out of your old life into the glorious, abundant life that God promised in His Word!!! You just have to know the Word and stand in faith because His Word is Truth!!! And you have to become a doer of the Word, not just a hearer. How you respond to the button pusher is one of most important things in the life of a believer. As you continue to study and grow you become more and more immune to his lies and more and more aligned the Word, the Way, and the Will of God. You are becoming submerged in His Grace which is all you really need.

Indeed, now you know that His Grace is sufficient to empower you to stand in victorious triumph over all of the forces of evil. You have become more than a conquerer. You are an Overcomer!


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