Alone in His Presence

Stepping “Beyond the Veil” can be a pretty scary thing! You can’t depend on your friend or your pastor or your mentor. You have to enter in all by your lonesome. You must know that it’s just you and Him and that’s exactly the way He wants it!!!  He wants to spend time with YOU because you are the love of His life and He wants to demonstrate His Love for you. Remember, He is Love!!! That’s Who He is and that’s what He does. So there is no need to be afraid. His Grace and His Mercy, as evidenced by the Blood of the Lord Jesus that was shed for you, covers you. You don’t need to focus on anything but Him! And He is always so glad to see you!!!

Express your love for Him and your gratitude for the opportunity to talk with Him. Prayer is just having a conversation with God–a two-way conversation where you not only talk to Him, but you LISTEN to what He has to say. Imagine how much more blessed your life would be if you would just tap in to the Wisdom that you could acquire in the Throne Room!!! He is the answer to every question and the solution to every problem. Trust Him with your issues and problems. He cares and He delights in being your Father, your Provider, your Healer, your Comforter, your Strength, your Hiding Place, your Deliverer, your Friend, your Lover, and so much more!!!

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